Accessing Redux store through Entando Container

I am trying to setup internationalization and authentication/authorization in Entando. I am able to achieve it using in the Intl-Provider wrapper on top of my MFE and by wrapping my MFE's with an withAuth HOC component respectively.
But what I want to know is how can I add a redux store to Entando container and pass it down to all my MFE’s(react based) via props.

Or alternatively is Entando container exposing any default props for the same as intl & keycloak support comes built-in in Entando itself if I understand correctly.

Any help/leads will be highly appreciated.

@germanogiudici I know you’ve done some related work in this space. Do you have any examples or ideas that we can share?

Generally, it won’t be a global redux store but there are methods to share state between MFEs in your Entando app.

Hey @anubhav we currently don’t have an example in this context. You can use the umd redux package for sure, importing it in the page with the <sript> html tag. Check this redux documentation page: The redux api will be exposed in the global (window) namespace. Feel free to contribute to the community with an example or an api library!