Contents freeaccess for specific user group/rule

I need to create a user with the right to edit specific contents (freeaccess) associated with a certain category … without him being able to modify all the other freeaccess contents not related to his category.

now, if I create contents with primary group the specific category everything is fine … the user can see and edit it … but all freeaccess content as primary group with specific secondary category … aren’t displayed in the admin console of my limited user …

how can I solve this problem since I have already published many many contents with freeaccess primary group and set secondary group the specific category ??

Good evening Giampaolo,
All the contents that have been associated with the free access owner group
can be modified by all those people who can access Entando back-office and by those who are allowed to edit contents. Once a content has been associated with an owner group it cannot be changed.

Please remember that it is not possible to create roles or permissions associated with a category.

Obviously it is possible to create new Users , Groups and Roles which combined they determine the set of operations on contents.
Users belonging to these Groups and Roles (administrator role excluded) will be able to see and edit only contents belonging to their Owner Group.
They will also only be able to see but not edit content whose View only groups is associated with their group.

The only way to modify all the contents you have done so far is to directly access the ** port Database **, open the Contents table and modify the values for MAINGROUP (Owner group) and RESTRICTION (View groups only) as desidered.

mny tnks…

I’ll try to do it