Entando Component Repository documentation

Where can I find some details about the Entando Component Repository (ECR), how it works and what components are part of it?

You can find informations about the ECR in the Entando documentation. https://docs.entando.com/ecr/#entando-component-repository-overview

The ECR works thanks to the integration of different components:

  1. The EntandoDeBundle custom resource definition, used to describe a bundle and make it available on the cluster
  2. The Component-manager microservice, responsible to show available bundles in the Entando Cluster, install and uninstall a bundle
  3. The Kubernetes-service, a microservice enabling the communication between the component-manager and the cluster

For more details about the ECR, please take a look at the documentation available at https://docs.entando.com/ecr/#entando-component-repository-overview