Entando PDA Plugin

Hi everyone

does entando pda plugin for jbpm require a specific way to develop process definition in jbpm , in order for it to be able to pull the process from jbpm. we are currently experiencing problems with pulling the process form that are within the process definition. please see the attached.

Hi, @Warington.

I’m not aware of anything specific there but you can check the docs here https://developer.entando.com/v7.0/tutorials/solution/pda-tutorial.html#introduction and here https://developer.entando.com/v7.0/tutorials/solution/pda-technical-guide.html for notes on the design and scheme handling. You may well have hit an edge case so I’d suggest examining the logs for the PDA microservice and let us know what you find. The deployment name is pn-efbd66b6-b0ceabd7-entando-pda-plugin-deployment in Entando 7.0 so the logs for its pod should have some clues for you.