Entando supported deployment environment

We are intending to use the Process-driven application widgets in Entando 6.1 as part of Red Hat’s PAM suite. Could you point me to an official supported list of deployment architecture? such as deploy on what version of OpenShift, and against what version PAM? Is there any restriction on the underlying infrastructure, such as AWS, Azure, or VMWare. I want to make sure that we are on the supported path.

Hey @t.lee.leonardo

Right now we support OpenShift 3.11 for production deployment though we don’t know of any specific issues on 4.x. We are also working towards deployment on cloud providers with our upcoming release (6.2) targeted for late July. With 6.2 we have added settings that remove the restrictions on underlying infrastructure assuming that your persistent volume claims support access using kubernetes based fsGroups.

For PAM we are tested through 7.6 and expect to work on any 7.x version given that we consume the standard APIs.

For local deployment and getting started we recommend using k3s. More details on setting that up and deploying it can be found at: https://dev.entando.org/

@w.rocha or @w.caffiero If i’ve missed anything here please jump in.