Entando's Client-side Implementation of Micro Frontends Framework

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I am evaluating micro frontend technology and framework for a customer. More specifically, client-side handling of micro frontend UI components. So far, I came up with SSPA, Flint, and customised iFrame via Windows.xxx communication.

Could you point me to any Entando documentation that would help me with understanding how Entando handles the UI composition at run-time/build-time and cross-component event handling/communication at client-side?


Hi! Starting point for MFE in Entando is on our dev portal https://dev.entando.org/v6.2/tutorials/micro-frontends/
We’re using web components (which can, if needed, wrap a SPA written in React, Angular, etc.). Composition is done at run time using custom elements; communication uses custom events.

As @g.desantis mentioned the recommended approach for MFEs in Entando is to use custom elements for the MFE definition and custom events which are part of the web component spec.
You can also use iFrames and SSPA directly inside Entando pages if you have the need.

The link above includes the examples of creating an MFE in the frameworks. This link includes using the Entando Component Generator via JHipster to bootstrap the creation of an MFE in React:

Some additional links and resources.

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