How can I run locally the appbuilder with entando-cms with a local postgresql installation without using docker?

Which is the correct procedure to install and run locally the appbuilder with entando-cms using the entando-de-app without docker and with a local postgresql installation?


hi @a.pintus,

On the part on entando-de-app instance, you need to set the postgres credentials in your pom.xml file. look for setting, like:



            <!-- No DB work required from the server image. Just set the build_id -->
            <server.init.command>echo $(date +%s) > /entando-data-templates/build_id</server.init.command>

In that block you need to modify the settings (db url, username, password, db name) using your own local postgresql credentials for both portdb and servdb database. You need to create both db’s yourself in case the needed databases has not been created yet. (If buildTasks.xml does exist, then you can auto create with PG-db-create)

When your credentials is settled, you can run using this command:

mvn clean package -Pjetty-local -Ppostgresql jetty:run -DskipDocker

this enables the instance to use postgres for db using your specs indicated in pom and skip the docker initialization process.

For the app-builder, just create your typical app-builder following README then add CMS running this command from npm:

npm run app-install cms

more information on entando apps right here

Hope this solves your problem.

Thanks for the reply @j.go