How much does it cost to run Entando on GCP, EKS, AKS or Openshift

I was wondering if Entando supports the most common cloud providers and how much does it cost to run a basic instance?

  • Google GCP
  • Azure AKS
  • Redhat Openshift

Also, if my audience grows how do I scale an Entando app?
Do we have a guide explaining what pieces of the architecture need to scale and how to do that?


Entando supports the common cloud providers with the expected minor differences when it comes to networking, scaling, etc. There is a guide for Google GKE here: and Amazon EKS: Installation instructions are in the works for Azure and OpenShift as well.

You can expect to pay a few dollars a day to host a minimal Entando installation on Google, Azure, or Amazon, and of course you’ll pay more depending on the scale of your application. Check the corresponding billing/cost explorer for your provider and you’ll see charges for everything in the stack, e.g. for AWS you’ll see line items for EKS, ELB, EC2, etc.

We don’t currently have a guide on scaling the architecture but the usual suspects will be for shared services like keycloak, any containers running your microservices, possibly the App Builder container if you have a large content team, etc.

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And here is the link to the guide for Azure to add to the links for GKE and EKS above.