Hello everyone.
I’ve been trying to follow this tutorial
but when I run

ent prj pbs-init

I get this output

Please provide the URL of the publication repository: https://repo/url
Please provide the git user name: git-username
Please provide the git email:
Reinitialized existing Git repository in /home/ubuntu/testProject/bundle/.git/
Should I enable the credentials cache for the publication of the frontend? (y/n/q) n
➤ [E] | 2022-03-30 10-13-28 | FATAL: Publication user name is not set
Which publication user name is it referring to?

Thanks a lot for your attention.

Hi, @gpedemonte. I see we have a thread on this topic on Slack as well - Let’s discuss this in one place and we can provide a summary once we have a resolution for you. Thanks.