MFE inside a popup


What is the best way to create a popup in Entando page builder. Intention is to drag drop an MFE to a popup frame and show when the trigger occurs.

Also would like to know can multiple MFEs can be added to Single frame or not ? If this is possible we can make a single frame for popup and drop all MFEs which is required to be shown as a popup to this single frame. So when trigger occurs the corresponding MFE inside the popup will get triggered.

Anish A.Nair

Hi, @anishanair.

You can certainly include multiple custom elements in a single widget but you can only drag one widget into a single frame on the page. The language we typically use is that an MFE is a specialized widget and that’s what gets placed into a frame.

There’s more than one way to do modals but there are examples of modals in our Standard Demo project which you can install here , see a quick video here, download the project here, or look at a specific modal here.

Hope that helps,

Thanks, This helps !!