Problem with Entando 5.3 Installation

Hi, I want to install Entando version 5.3 on my local machine, but I don’t find any documentation. No problem for Entando 5.2 and 6 with Kubernetes but only for 5.3 I have a problem.
Somebody help me. Thanks in advance

Hi @pietro.colangelo

What kind of error are you running into? Can you post some logs? The process for 5.3 should be almost exactly the same as 5.2.

cc @e.santoboni

I launch the command “mvn archetype:generate -Dfilter=entando” for installation but when choose the version, there is not 5.3 version. Attach the screenshoot for details.

Since 5.3.0 hasn’t been officially released yet you’ll need to build the archetypes locally and install them to get the choice in the generation flow.

Generally it would be:

git clone
cd entando-archetypes
git checkout v5.3.0-dev
mvn clean install

That should update your local archetype catalog. Then on your command line pass


Ok. Now the installation is gone fine. But when I navigate the dashboard there are some errors that don’t show me the current pages.
Screenshoot attached.

@e.santoboni or @w.caffiero any ideas here?

Also @pietro.colangelo is there any reason you need 5.3 specifically rather than starting with 6?

Hi @pietro.colangelo
I followed the same steps and the system works correctly. Perhaps the problem is due to an incorrect download of the artifacts.
Can you cancel the artifacts and try again?
Artifact folders:


cc @j.white @w.caffiero