Restarting 6.3 quickstart after laptop restart

Just a suggestion to add documentation on how to restart the 6.3 quickstart environment after someone reboots their laptop or workstation. If you are just getting started, I’m betting it is a challenge to figure it out. Personally, I worked through the docs enough to figure out how to use multipass to restart the VM, and then the series of commands to have kube up and running. I’m not sure that is the best, or even the recommended path. Good info for “newbies” to Entando. Thanks!


Good suggestion, thanks! We had a similar comment earlier this week and have a ticket in the pipeline to add a section with some tips on how to manage the Entando environment running in a Multipass VM. I’ll make sure your comments are included.


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A quick update on this topic. A new section has been added to the tips page here: It includes a number of FAQ-style questions related to the quickstart environment. It’s also linked from the new Next Steps section of the Getting Started guide