Seo url customization (entando 6.3.2)

i’m building a single language website, so i don’t want the language in the url.
Is there a configuration (or a configuration file) to remove this part of the url?

if we take the following starting url as a reference
the goal is to have a url like

thank you

Hi, @a.renzi.

So, the base context (/entando-de-app) can be adjusted/removed by changing the initial deployment manifest. Something like this:

kind: EntandoCompositeApp
  - kind: EntandoApp
      ingressPath: {BASE APPLICATION PATH}

So ingressPath: / will just use the root path. If memory serves that will result in a SERVER_SERVLET_CONTEXT_PATH=/ environment variable for the server application and also a matching ingress mapping. You could also do that by hand after deployment by adjusting the server deployment and ingress on your own if needed.

I’m not aware of a way to remove the language key from the URL since that’s the current localization mechanism. Are you planning to have just a single language in your application?


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