Site offline for maintenance

Hello everybody,
I wanted to kindly ask you for support.
I need to take my company’s website offline for maintenance.
Is There already a feature in Entando to take it offline and display a page like
“Site offline for maintenance” ?

I searched for this feature but didn’t find it in the Entando backend.

If this feature does not exist, how should I proceed? Do I have to unpublish all menus and pages and make only one page visible?
Thanks in advance

Hi, @ianenz.

Sorry for the delay responding. The short answer is no, that isn’t a feature in Entando. One option you have is to temporarily mark a different page as the home page and populate it with “this site is undergoing maintenance” content. Depending on how your site is structured and where users start, that could be a 90% solution. Alternatively this is frequently handled at the load balancer level where a static HTML page is displayed during maintenance but that requires server access, generally.


Hi Nathan,
doing some tests then I had solved just like you said,
Thank you and good day


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