Suggested AppBuilder and CMS setup for local development

as a frontend developer, how I should setup Entando to be fully productive with AppBuilder and CMS for local development?

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Hi @g.desantis,

In order to enable the Entando CMS plugin in the backend, you simply need to add the dependency in your project pom.xml.

The dependency to add is


And the entando.version property is the version of entando cms you want to use, right now 6.1.1

For more details and a concrete example, you can check-out the entando-de-app project available on GitHub at

From the frontend side, to install both app-builder and entando-cms from scratch you should:

git clone
cd entando-cms
npm i -g npm-install-peers
npm i && npm-install-peers

create an .env.local file, containing for example

git clone
cd app-builder

create an .env.local file, containing for example



npm i
npm run app-install cms
npm start

You can find more info at

What if I want to run app-builder from docker instead of the default development server from npm start?