Suggested ECR setup for local development

as a frontend developer, how I should setup Entando to be fully productive with ECR on my local machine?

As part of the recommended setup the ECR would be a centralized resource shared by the entire team. In an ideal scenario none of the team will be running Kubernetes locally but will share a set of namespaces with Entando applications deployed in them.

Then as a frontend dev you’ll be using the normal tools you use for the lifecycle of your micro frontend and creating the bundle once you’ve down unit and module level testing. In many cases you can also enable CORS in the entando core application or your microservice and use live API data from the cluster.

However, if you need to have a local cluster installed the getting started guide using k3s is a great starting point:

You could also look at creating a remote cluster using a cloud provider. For example, Entando can be deployed on GKE in a few steps: