Unable to instal standard banking demo (6.3.2)

i’ve just installed locally entando in my ubuntu vm with multipass.
now i’m unable to install https://dev.entando.org/v6.3.2/tutorials/samples/install-standard-demo.html#installation because the first command:

ent bundler from-git -d -r https://github.com/entando-samples/standard-demo-banking-bundle.git | ent kubectl apply -n entando -f -

give me the following error: “error: error parsing STDIN: error converting YAML to JSON: yaml: control characters are not allowed”

someone can give me some help?

thank you

Hi, @a.renzi

We just learned about an issue in the cli that has affected some users. We should be releasing an updated cli soon but in the meantime you can update your cli using the following command. This will get you the next release of the cli:
bash <(curl -sfL https://get.entando.org/cli) --release=v6.3.2 -–cli-version="v6.3.2+1" --update

Please let us know if that does the trick for you!

One note, the Standard Banking Demo does include a couple microservices which will consume additional resources in kubernetes. I think the default VM config is sufficient to support those but if you wind up with any resource limitations you may have to stop the VM and give it a bit more memory.

Hope that helps,

Thank you
after the update i was able to run the command but now when I go to the next step where I have to click on install on the app builder it gives me an error

thank you

Hi, @a.renzi.

Hmm, that’s a new one.

  1. Was it the first bundle in the list, e.g. standard-demo-banking-bundle?
  2. Could you please send me the full logs? If you can run an ent diag command that would be simplest since it will extract all the interesting things but usually I check the app builder (ab) and component manager (cm) logs on this kind of thing. You can PM me on slack or email if you’d rather not post the diag output here.

Side note for future readers, the new version of the CLI has been released so the 6.3.2+1 version is no longer necessary.